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Suppliers: DuPont™ Corian®.

Ultraspace was recently commissioned to renovate two luxury penthouses located on the beachfront in northern New South Wales. These penthouses are not only used by the family, but also rented to the public, and therefore much thought and research had to go into the design and finishes selections. For this reason, Ultraspace chose Corian® for most of the hard surfaces in their custom design work. They wanted the calming and high-end look of light natural stone but without the fragility and maintenance. Corian® allowed several thermoformed sweeps and curves to be incorporated into the design process; and to provide a seamless look. Also utilised were two Corian® wireless charging stations in the central island divider with custom designed “Charging Buttons” that allow you to locate the position to place devices for charging. The “Charging Button” can be made in any Corian® finish – to either co-ordinate and blend into its surrounding or be a stand-out contrast. The button is completed with a coloured Corian® glue to pronounce the target: to either be subtle [for residential]; or more obvious and eye-catching for commercial applications.

The flexibility, clean lines, ability to emulate a natural product and ease of maintenance made Corian® an easy and successful choice for this luxury project. The use of Corian® for the custom side tables and coffee table tops also made these items considerably lighter than stone, which was both welcomed and practical. The central thermoformed Corian® Walnut timber-grain with bronze inlay detail room divider/meals counter features an integrated artificial garden highlighted with illuminated and gradated sanded acrylic rods; two Corian® Wireless Charging Surface points with custom designed Charging Button displays; and integrated banquette illuminated seating. Other elements of this luxury home renovation include:

  • A circular custom Walnut timber-grained dining table with shark-nosed Corian® edging and bronze inlay detailing.
  • Ensuite “floating” vanity top with integrated thermoformed basin, Walnut timber-grain and bronze detailing.
  • Custom master “floating” bedside tables in layered Corian® Walnut timber-grain, custom bronze handles and mirrored bases.

Design By: Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace.

Joiner: Artistry in Cabinets.

Fabrication: Superior Solid Surface.

Photography: Scott Shirley.

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