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Suppliers: Oliver Thom Bathrooms.

Bathroom accessories can be thought of as functional additions to bathroom design, however when carefully curated they can add that extra touch of luxury to a bathroom renovation. Zone Denmark utilises minimalist design with quality materials to create products that function well, yet are beautiful to look at. Their Ume range, available at Oliver Thom, focuses on a soft design and colour range. The name of the collection itself “Ume” is the Japanese word for plum tree which symbolises elegance, patience and strength; all of which embodies this collection. The collection comprises a soap dispenser, pedal bin, toothbrush holder, toilet brush and soap dish. The soap dispenser features a long spout which allows for optimum pump function; while the pedal bin has a snuggly fitted inside-bucket that allows you place the waste bag easily inside without it being visible. The Ume collection features soft-touch porcelain which is easy on the eye; and has enough weight without inhibiting use. Every item comes in the soft grey, black, white, nude and a muted maroon [but not available in the soap dish]. Prices:

  • Soap Dish – $40.
  • Soap Dispenser – $80.
  • Pedal Bin – $140.
  • Toilet Brush – $150.
  • Toothbrush Holder – $40.

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