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It’s arguably one of the biggest challenges for home renovating DIYers: achieving a luxurious look while getting the most out of your budget. The key to making your dream home renovation a reality is knowing where to splash out for maximum impact, according to Beaumont Tiles. There are many ways that DIYers can capitalise on any sized budget and inject a little luxury into their home. It’s all about being strategic with your choices to create that “no expense spared” feeling minus the associated price tag. Here are three of Beaumont Tile’s tips for transforming your home into a luxurious space on any budget.

Pick one feature. Knowing what to splurge on will do wonders for your budget. For the bathroom or kitchen, pair back styling by selecting one luxury feature. This will not only create a focal point for your space, it will also lift the entire feel of the room. For the bathroom or ensuite, invest in a feature tile wall or vibrant bathroom vanity splashback. Whereas in the kitchen, splurge on lavish tapware to set the tone of sophistication. Hexagons and penny rounds come in an array of shades and create a dramatic impact in any space. They’re easy to lay as they generally come on a meshed backing – making them perfect for DIY projects. Subway tiles are another way to complete the luxe look for less. The key is to use them in an unexpected way like laying them in herringbone or on an angle. For those who are daring, pair them with a coloured grout like navy blue – perfect for a coastal chic or a global fusion inspired project. Beyond tiles, consider matte black or brushed gold tapware; or a statement bath. Gold gives an affluent edge to nearly anything; and nothing screams high-end more than striking matte black finishes. Or, combine both looks with Beaumont Tiles’ Elbrus Tower Basin Mixer in black and rose gold.

Consider look-a-likes. With improvements to the quality of digital inkjet printing, it’s never been easier to emulate a look for less. Finishes like timber are elegant and timeless, but they can also take up your entire budget in one hit. Timber-look tiles are easily the most ground-breaking and best option if you want the high-end timber look but simply don’t have the budget. Not only will they look as good, but they are also easier to maintain, and are water, dent and scratch resistant; not to mention allergy friendly too. One Beaumont Tiles favourite is the Maison Cedar; closely followed by the Elegance Timber Tortora; especially when they’re used throughout a home renovation and into an outdoors area or poolside deck.

Create space. Attempting to create a luxurious feel in a space that’s cramped and cluttered is almost impossible.  To make the room more spacious, choose tiles that have “expanding” properties. Large-format or slab tile designs should be your go-to here as sizes go up to 3m. The fewer grout lines you see, the more expansive your floor will look. You should also ensure you tile from floor to wall – terrazzo is a great option to complement. Another great way to expand your space while adding a touch of elegance is with textured or 3D tiles. You can add depth to the space with the Marwari Structured Mix 200×200 tile.

Expert commentary by Beaumont Tiles’ Design Specialist Christie Wood.

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