Categories: Floor heating.
Suppliers: Thermogroup.

Thermogroup’s Thermonet 200-Watt mats are suitable for in-screed applications, providing easy installation and efficient storage heating in screed layers of 20-100mm. While in-screed heating takes longer to heat up, the screed layer acts as a heat bank to hold the heat for longer, optimising running costs. In-screed heating allows the tiler flexibility in creating falls in wet areas; and it can be installed under most floor coverings. It is recommended to insulate under floor heating to gain maximum performance from your system. The clever stress-free cable construction creates a longer lasting heating cable with zero electromagnetic field. The self-adhesive mesh speeds up installation by holding the Thermonet matting to the substrate for easy self-levelling and tile fixing. Thermonet 200-Watt mats are ideal for small bathrooms with limited floor space, providing a high heat output across the floor to warm the entire room. Moreover, the high heat output of the 200-Watt mats makes them ideal for bathrooms that are prone to rapid heat loss. This can be further reduced by adding a layer of insulation below the heating.

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