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Beaumont Tiles offers a gorgeous mix-and-match selection of their decorative and stretched subway range, accommodating several 2019 design trends across wall and floor installations. Radiating boldness and glamour, the Metro range is the latest addition to Beaumont Tiles’ extensive collection of decorative and stretched-look subway tiles. Designed to unite the decorative and subway design concepts, the Metro range creates an opportunity to mix and match, curating a style narrative that encompasses both playful and traditional elements for home renovators. One of the most stunning features of the Metro range is its surface. It’s undulating, which makes it appear rustic or even handmade; and takes its cues from moulds and glazing techniques from decades ago: authentically Italian roots with Mediterranean flair.

The Metro range is ideal for all home renovations – old and new – as it has the intrinsic ability to embrace traditional and contemporary living, with wall tile options that are interchangeable and complementary. Available in ten shades and two finishes, the Metro range allures to luxury living, transcending design potential that is hardwearing and bold. This tile invites Australian home renovators to be inspired by the Retro-Vintage, Scandinavian, Eclectic Bohemian or Contemporary style fusions and make it their own.

Sizes: 150x600mm; 216x216mm.

Finishes: Gloss; Matte [black & white mix].

Colours: Snow; Latte; Putty; Sea Green; Red; Ocean; Jade; Azul; Night; Black & White [six different patterns].


  • Its durability and versatility can be used to create eye-catching kitchen splashbacks and clean finishes.
  • For a minimal yet sophisticated look, use Metro in its subway-like form with contrasting grout to elongate and draw attention to the space.
  • The Black & White mix tile is perfect for Scandinavian styling – the B&W Metro is all about simplicity while also introducing playfulness with the two tones.
  • The W4 rating means that you can use it as a flooring opinion.


Expert commentary from Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer Christie Wood.

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