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Unequivocally design-forward, freshness finds unmistakable expression in Sub-Zero’s PRO 36 Classic Fridge Freezer. Sub-Zero takes food preservation and bold design to the next level with the new PRO 36 fridge-freezer. Expect food and produce to stay fresher for longer, while making an impressive design statement in the kitchen. With the Sub-Zero PRO 36, food preservation is simplified with a host of features. Dual refrigeration helps store refrigerated foods with cool, moist air, and frozen foods with frigid, dry air. The advanced purification system in the fridge-freezer scrubs the air of ethylene gas, mould, viruses, and bacteria every twenty minutes, keeping food safe. The smooth-glide crisper drawer opens easily, then closes with tight seal to keep produce fresher longer. Equal parts sculpted metal design statement and culinary hero, the model is crafted with stainless steel inside and out for a luxurious aesthetic. With a 91cm wide exterior, the Sub-Zero PRO 36 fridge freezer is perfect for small and big kitchens alike, with the option of a stainless steel or glass door. Priced from $34,995.

Features include:

  • Fight spoilage and odours with NASA-inspired air purification system.
  • Locks in cold air to ensure freshness with magnetic door seals. Keeps produce fresher with high-humidity, sealed crisper and deli drawers.
  • Controls temperature within one degree of set-point.
  • Display food via a single, triple-pane and UV-resistant glass door.
  • Ensures excellent visibility with bright halogen lights.
  • 574-litre refrigerator capacity; 136-litre freezer capacity.
  • Width: 914mm; Height 2134mm; Depth: 610mm.
  • Model: ICBPRO3650G with glass door; ICBPRO3650 with stainless steel door.
  • Available in July 2019 from specialist kitchen, bathroom and laundry retailer e&s in Victoria.

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