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Relaxation is one thing that all Aussies need but don’t necessarily make a priority. A recent government enquiry into sleep health awareness revealed 40% of Australians are not getting enough sleep. Meanwhile, the Australian Psychological Society states that more than 25% of Aussies suffer from abnormal levels of stress and anxiety. Colour has a huge impact on people’s moods and emotions, which is why decorative paint brand Jolie Home has created their Serenity Collection. Made of soft muted tones, the Serenity Collection comprises five colours to help evoke a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity in your home. These muted hues are ideal for furniture, walls, cabinets, or floors; and are easy to incorporate into any home renovation project. The Serenity Collection is available to purchase online and at paint retailers in two sizes: sample pots [118ml for $20.99]; and quarts [946ml for $55.50]:

Palace White. One of the lightest colours in the Jolie range, this warm white gives a room a clean and crisp yet elegant feeling. Founder Lisa Rickert created this colour for the walls and cabinetry in her New Orleans home, making this an ideal colour to use throughout your home.

Dove Grey. As light as a dove’s feather, Jolie Home’s Dove Grey is a versatile colour with warm grey undertones that can show hints of beige shining through. Dove Grey pairs well with all colours and shades; and is an ideal base colour for any style or interior theme you are looking to achieve during a home renovation.

Zen. When chasing a subtle sense of femininity for your space, Zen is an excellent choice. With a beige-taupe base and subtle pink undertones, Zen is soft, relaxing and peaceful. It’s fitting for bedrooms, living rooms, and all spaces that need a sense of calm. Try layering it with whites, greys and muted hues like those found in this collection.

Misty Cove. It’s no secret that blue and green are the best colours for sleep, which is why Misty Cove is the colour of choice for the bedroom. Inspired by the beautiful rock formations in Malibu, California, this cool, mid-tone grey has transitional hints of blue-green undertones that shine through depending on how the light hits.

Eucalyptus. Lisa predicts the rise of Eucalyptus in the home as one of 2019’s biggest interior trends. Inspired by the native Australian flora, this soft, greyish green ticks all the boxes if you are looking to create a spacious, tranquil feel in your home. Pairing perfectly with whites, blacks and sophisticated pinks, Eucalyptus can be a prevalent colour in homes for years to come.

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