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Most Strata Managers provide their accountant annually with the previous 12 months of essential financial data. With often thousands of pieces of information shared and received throughout the year, it can feel neigh on impossible to capture everything in a single, efficient, transparent and secure location. Any information relating to a building such as receipts, invoices and information can be spread throughout an office in boxes, folders, or on sites which may require multiple logins and time to source the paper accountants require. Accountants will also want to know the backstory of each piece of information they review – this means a lot of time spent communicating back and forth to adequately communicate this information between a Strata Manager and Accountant.

StrataVault is a cloud-based platform developed to manage communication and collaboration on all critical data on property with simple efficiency. It enables strata managers, developers and building owners to combine all documents and communication in one place, accessible to all relevant stakeholders in just a few clicks. StrataVault can assist Strata Managers, Developers and Building Owners in the following ways:

  1. Strata Managers can provide stakeholders access to the information within their vault and tailor their viewing permissions, with just a click.
  2. All documents are organised and filed with tags for each aspect of the building, such as contracts, accounts, maintenance and plans.
  3. The platform improves operational efficiencies and saves time.
  4. Permissible access to documentation means Strata Managers can grant transparent visibility of relevant information to accountants and auditors and other relevant service providers.
  5. Building information is kept safe and protected, eliminating the risk of losing a building’s assets if there’s a fire, flood or robbery, or just the everyday potential to misplace that critical email or document at the worst possible moment.

StrataVault’s platform design interfaces with existing software, eliminating the pain of integrating with new formats and reducing the pressure to set up new processes. StrataVault connects a Strata Manager’s current software and services to save time and money and build a larger portfolio with the same or less business costs. StrataVault allows everyone involved in strata-managed properties to collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

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