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While there are many decisions that need to be made before and during building and renovation work, it is important that home security and automation are not overlooked. As homes become smarter, planning home security with home automation technology can be done during the building or renovating process to ensure the technology is seamlessly integrated throughout your home. Identifying where the security system’s sensors, cameras and keypads are best positioned are decisions that may need to be made early and, where relevant, added into the work-plans so that Tradies know whether to make allowances for them.

While most security systems today use wireless technology that makes installation easier, without the need for messy cables or wiring, CCTV systems may need to be wired and appropriate electrical planning considered. A security expert can provide general advice about designing for better home security. This may include the choice of locks for windows and doors; as well as general landscaping and exterior lighting recommendations.

ADT Security suggests that new home builders and home renovators consider integrating smoke detectors into a monitored home security system. While interconnected smoke detectors are a mandatory requirement in a new home build, linking them to a monitored back-to-base security system will ensure that you are notified if the smoke alarm goes off – even if you’re not home or the alarm is disarmed. You should also think about how “smart” you want your home to be. While there are many home automation solutions to choose from, there are many benefits to using one centralised solution that allows you to control both security and the home environment.

ADT Security offers a seamless home automation solution with optional add-ons as part of its premium Automated Security package. This allows homeowners to connect multiple devices including lamps and home appliances, with the flexibility to move them around the home as needed. ADT Security uses Z-Wave Smart Switches to turn any plug-in appliance into a smart device. Simply connect the smart switch to a power socket, plug in an appliance such as the coffee machine, heater or fan, and enjoy the benefits of controlling them remotely. You can turn the coffee machine on from the comfort of bed; or turn on the air conditioning or heater before arriving home. Energy efficient Z-Wave LED bulbs will transform lamps into smart lights.

Your home may also benefit from automating the front door with a Keyless Z-Wave deadbolt. Available from the ADT online store, these keyless locks are compatible with all standard doors and combine a highly secure lockset with an electronic, interactive touchscreen. These locks can manage up to 250 different pin codes, allowing you to ditch your keys; or give easy access to family, friends or trusted Tradies, without the need to hide keys on the premises.

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