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Suppliers: Häfele Australia.

The HÄFELE AXILO™ is a clever plinth-adjusting system for kitchen cabinets, which serves as an arm-extension that can be used at any angle; and which can be conveniently operated by hand or drill. The Axilo™ system has been engineered by Häfele to make plinth adjustment for kitchen cabinets during kitchen renovations easier from 53 to 220mm by ensuring you can make adjustments while keeping your spirit level in sight. Features of Häfele Axilo™ include:

  • Ergonomic. No more bending over, crawling, or stretching. Easy kitchen cabinet levelling.
  • Efficient. The spirit level will always be in view.
  • Uncomplicated. The Axilo™ adjusting tool can be positioned and operated from any angle.
  • Long reach. This clever adjusting tool acts as an extended arm, facilitating ergonomic and back-friendly installation. Time saving of up to 50% during kitchen cabinets installation.
  • Durability. The Häfele Axilo™ adjustable legs can hold up to 150kg each once adjusted.
  • Easy. Even the hardest to reach parts of corner kitchen cabinets are no problem.

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