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The findings of a 2018 James Hardie survey of people who have built their home in the past five years, or are currently planning to do so, showed that only one third preferred the traditional brick cladding or veneer façades found in quintessential Aussie properties. Meanwhile 44% preferred to use a mix of cladding types and styles including horizontal, vertical and panel arrangements. The survey shows that 31% new builds are being undertaken by people under 30. These younger home owners are most likely to want a contemporary appearance that mixes a number of building materials and profiles to ensure their home doesn’t look dated in the future. This modern movement encompasses a number of looks. James Hardie explains that the term “modern” is used in housing in the same way that pop is used in music: it’s not just one thing; and it’s constantly evolving. The term is used for anything from updated versions of established trends like “modern coastal” and “mid-century modern”; through to “Minimalist” and “Designer Mixed Cladding” aesthetics.

Generally speaking, some similarities are present across the board. There is a leaning to clean, angular lines, monochrome palettes, cantilevered second levels and open plan spaces; while moving away from detailing such as eaves and balustrades. These basic tenants of modern design drive toward new materials like Premium Fibre Cement Cladding from James Hardie, which can be used to create strong, striking shapes. It’s also lightweight making it suited to large open-plan spaces and second stories and overhangs.

The current building trend, which will affect approximately one million new build homes, is being driven by higher value projects, with more home owners working with an architect or designer (61%) requesting an individualised modern look, compared to a those using a volume builder (44%). When asked to choose the most important factor of their project 80% prioritised the look of their property over the cost (70%). However, it’s important to know how to communicate your aesthetic to your architect or builder. For example, the research has shown that what most home owners call “modern” is referred to as “contemporary” by architects and building professionals. It’s also important to specify the right materials, with 65% of young home owners citing this as an important part of their project.

There is a preference for building products that help create architectural design motifs: modern looks require more design variation using modern materials, such as James Hardie’s range of Premium Fibre Cement Cladding, including the large panel format of Matrix Cladding, or the vertical lines of Axon Cladding. Combining these and other profiles can deliver striking features like floating walls, overhangs, and protective cantilevers that define a contemporary style.

The Scyon™ brand is owned by James Hardie Technologies™ Ltd and was invented in the research and development facility at James Hardie Rosehill, NSW.  Launched in 2006, Scyon products are made from sand, cement and cellulose.

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