Categories: Bathroom Tapware and Tapware.
Suppliers: Paco Jaanson.

The TAAAC collection by IB Rubinetti, available from Paco Jaanson, is a sleek tapware range designed with versatility at the forefront. TAAAC is an ideal solution for those who don’t want to restrict themselves to one style as its fluid design makes sure it will seamlessly fit with a wide range of aesthetics. Using form and function, Italian designer Federico Castelli’s aim for this range was to create a universal collection that was like a language that everyone understands. The sleek lines make sure the collection is modern without being too futuristic, so it will continue to stand the test of time. In chrome brass, glossy white, glossy black and brushed nickel options, each item has been carefully created to encompass all aspects of functionality in a pared-back fashion. Comprising everything from washbasin mixers to shower heads, the TAAAC range has everything you need for your bathroom renovation; and keeping it modern for years to come. Included in the collection:

  • TAAAC 200 – Washbasin mixer with Click-Clack waste – $440.00
  • TAAAC 202 – Tall Washbasin with Click-Clack waste $635.
  • TAAAC 206 -Wall Mounted Washbasin Mixer with Click-Clack Waste $940
  • TAAAC 300 -Built-in Shower Mixer $330.
  • TAAAC 305 -One way shower mixer with ring $330.
  • TAAAC 310 -Two Ways Built-in shower mixer $440.
  • TAAAC 312 -Three Ways built-in shower mixer $200.

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