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Suppliers: Concrete Masonry Association Australia.

The Concrete Masonry Association of Australia [CMAA] has unveiled DesignPave, a software program for engineers and landscape architects in applications of paving design. Developed in collaboration with the University of South Australia, CMAA’s DesignPave uses the Method of Equivalent Thickness to compute the most appropriate design for the identified pavement loading and soil conditions. Computing the most appropriate design for concrete block paving is critical for the success of residential and industrial projects. DesignPave introduces a simplified interface to guide professionals through this process. It provides a simplified design approach to segmental pavements that can be used for both residential and industrial pavement applications. This new program is the successor of CMAA’s longstanding LockPave program which has been a pivotal tool for designers in the creation of concrete segmental pavements over the past two decades.

It is the first program that has both structural and hydrological design capability. DesignPave can perform a full mechanistic design of CBPs that incorporates not only full traffic loading spectra, but also the latest procedures for designing heavy duty industrial pavements, including container loading yards. In addition, the hydrological design procedures include flood control, water quality analysis and sizing for water harvesting and reuse. The program also generates full engineering documentation for assessment by consenting authorities.

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