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Blocked drains are smelly, messy and expensive. Fats, hair and soap scum build up in drains causing a mess; and when that blockage occurs in a sewer line, it’s a smelly, hot mess. When that sort of hot mess occurs on an industrial scale, at a hospital or food processing plant for example, they use commercial strength solutions from companies like NCH. These clever products have previously been out of reach for individuals and Tradies, often leaving plumbers to clean out drains and sewers by hand: a costly and filthy exercise.

NCH’s industrial drain cleaner ND-66 is easy and safe to use; and it’s suitable for the public. NCH has partnered with Tradelink to launch a 500ml jar of their industrial strength drain cleaner. ND-66 is now available at 240 Tradelink stores Australia-wide. This advanced drain and sewer treatment sinks directly to problem areas, minimising the risk of splashback. Once there, an exothermic chemical reaction generates heat. This penetrates deep into blockages and attack waste deposits throughout the drain system. The high concentration of active ingredients and metallic chips liquefies grease, fats, oils and organic waste including hair. It converts the whole lot into a soapy solution within 15 minutes that simply washes away down the drain, without causing any harm to the system.

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