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If trying to select the perfect carpet to suit your interior styling has been difficult, a custom carpet design service can solve this issue and let your creativity flow. Custom carpet artisans, Artistic Flooring in Brisbane, recently established a service dedicated to providing one-off designs. Hospitality, retail and commercial have been their core strengths but recently they were asked to work on a number of residential projects. While new home builds and home-renovations are the obvious clientele for this new service, there is also a demand from people wanting to replace existing carpet – but not their décor. They recently finished a project in a riverside home that had experienced flooding. They needed new carpet but wanted it to harmonise with their existing interior design. Artistic Flooring can also recreate new carpets from old designs – a specialised service of interest to people restoring old and heritage-listed homes. During a recent renovation of a 100-year-old building, the original 1920s-era carpet was discovered, still intact, under several generations of flooring. That original design – a blue and green tartan – was recreated in new carpeting.

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