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When it comes to first time painters, British Paints® say that 48% home renovators want to create their own personal haven, upgrade their home or create a place they can entertain friends and family; while the remaining 52% want to showcase their craftsmanship. Despite being involved in some smaller home renovating projects, 20% have never painted any part of their home because of technical and creative uncertainty. British Paints’ newly formulated Clean&Protect range helps you create a new look with confidence; and tackle your next interior project with ease. British Paints offer this 3-step “Plan, Prep and Paint” guide.

PLAN. After hours of scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, the first step is choosing the product, quantity, tools and of course the colour. With its new easy to apply formulation, British Paints Clean&Protect interior paint provides a quick, easy and long-lasting makeover. It’s smooth flow and low splatter properties means less mess and a neater finish first time. With no undercoat required on most previously painted surfaces, it is touch-dry in 30 minutes; and able to be recoated in 2 hours. This means you can turn your project around in a weekend. When matching your colour to your inspiration, British Paints Colouriser™ is a handy tool to envisage the end results by allowing you to select a room and edit the colour palette. If you’re still unsure, neutrals are a classic choice that will last the test of time and provide an ideal base to play with various colours on furnishings or feature walls. Warm tones like British Paints Tokyo Snow or Salt and Sand create an inviting and cosy space; and are ideal for areas of relaxation like bedrooms. For something more on-trend, grey is a chameleon which takes on colours around it. Use greys with a warm undertone such as British Paints Grey Tablelands or Status Cloud; then incorporate soft accents with styling accessories. Picking up a 500ml sample pot is a cost-effective way to trial colours within your home before committing to the full tin. To understand how much paint you’ll require, simply input a few key room measurements into the British Paints handy calculator.

PREP. With all home renovations, preparation is the key to successfully turning that Instagram shot into reality and making sure that your makeover lasts the test of time. British Paints recommends 6 easy steps to help you kick off your project:

• Step 1- Scrape off loose and flaking paint.

• Step 2 – Sand gloss and semi-gloss surfaces to a matte finish.

• Step 3 – Wash surface down with Selleys® Sugar Soap, and rinse clean. Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust, oils and grease.

• Step 4 – Fill nail holes and cracks with a suitable filler.

• Step 5 – Sand smooth patched areas; and dust down.

• Step 6 – Mask trims, window and door frames ready for paint.

PAINT. Begin with “cutting in”, a painting technique using a smaller brush to minimise masking, requiring only a steady hand to paint the edges. Next, start rolling in a ‘W’ pattern, moving from one side of the wall to another. British Paints Clean&Protect is formulated to be low odour and low VOC meaning there are fewer chemicals. British Paints Clean&Protect range is available from Bunnings nationwide. 4-litre cans are priced at $69.00 [also available in 500ml, 1L, 2L, 10L and 15L].

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