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Corian® has introduced 17 new colours and 7 new colour families to complement any aesthetic, with chic simplicity, depth and movement; or the multi-faceted aspects of translucency. You can use these individually or coordinate with various textures.

Neutral Aggregate. One of the 4 new Corian® Aggregate colours [Carbon, Weathered, Ash and Neutral Aggregate], the light hue of Neutral Aggregate belies its strong aesthetic. Though quiet at first glance, the particles within the surface reveal robust design elements. Related to Neutral Concrete, Neutral Aggregate’s pale colour is coordinated to offer a broadened design range. The simple design embraces multiple style directions as it maintains its soft flowing background and adds staccato movement to add further depth. Whether in a home renovation or office fitout, this special look creates an exclusive design statement.

Laguna. New to our Corian® Solid colours [including Verdant and Mint Ice], Laguna suggests moments by the water and time spent relaxing with friends and family. This new, rich blue is distinctly natural, genial and a trend-forward alternative to navy. Commercial and residential applications would benefit from this versatile hue as it suggests classic design and carefree lifestyles. It can appear as crisp as a casual blazer; as sparkling as the sea; or as quiet as a lake. Laguna is the blue of endless summer and endless design possibilities.

Domino Terrazzo. Domino Terrazzo is one of three new Terrazzo colours [Domino, Pebble and Basalt Terrazzo] that bring mid-century modern inspiration to life. Though the colour combination is simple, the dynamic play of dark, sharply defined particles against the light background creates a distinct energy that is playful to the eye, yet retains its high-end style. Domino Terrazzo sets a new standard for design in the home, at the office or anywhere a design statement is desired.

Limestone Prima. Limestone Prima is one of the new Corian® Organics colours along with Sand Storm and Evening Prima. Its angular streams of white, tan and grey flow across a white setting. Flecks of white and black are incorporated to create superb visual texture with subtle colouring.

Silver Linear. With defined strokes Silver Linear is one of the new linear colours [along with Sepia Linear], that offers a clean, modern aesthetic with an array of grey hues streaming through its white background. The colour contrast offers a sharp, dynamic approach to its design and creates a stylish look with vertical or horizontal applications. “Classically modern” describes this look which is an alternative to traditional and contemporary design. Silver Linear delivers continuous movement and colour that celebrates design with a new aesthetic energy.

Golden Onyx. Gold, coveted and enduringly chic, establishes the new aesthetic of Golden Onyx. Warm golden yellows flow through its crisp white background creating a look that can be casual or opulent. The swirling pattern is a mere element of the design as its translucent quality allows light to permeate and illuminate the surface. With patterning and colouring that stir emotions, and translucence presenting a new level of possibilities, Golden Onyx offers a combination of fashionable aesthetics and enduring style.

Mahogany Nuwood. With a masterful presence, Mahogany Nuwood balances its sumptuous, classic roots with a commanding sense of modern style. The warm brown colour and richly grained aesthetic are an advanced homage to the natural beauty of mahogany and create a look that embraces a distinct style. From residential to commercial interiors, traditional as well as contemporary design, the timeless appeal of Mahogany Nuwood reigns supreme.

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