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LED Strip lighting, when used well can give a subtle edge to any space; highlight an area not usually seen; and add another layer to your lighting plan. So where can LED strip lighting be used? Urban Lighting [Sydney] sheds some light on this subject:

Shadow lines create the illusion of floating ceilings. When paired with LED strip lighting it produces a beautiful wash of light. Recommended for hallways, living areas, entryways, it is a simple architectural detail that has impressive effects.

Using LED strip or profiles above or below cabinetry can give a softer light to often harshly lit spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Placing strips at the back of shelving or in the recess between the kitchen island and the floor will have your kitchen floating on air. Layering your lighting plan means you have greater control over the mood you create in your home.

LED strip lighting is so versatile and can be used almost anywhere. When using outdoors make sure to look for an IP Rating of 67 – then we can talk pools! That’s right LED strip can be positioned around the edge of the pool and even submerged; the result is magical.

The biggest attraction of LED strip lighting is its functionality, providing a fast, effective and beautiful option for any area of the home. You can increase its functionality with a dimmer or better still, a motion sensor for outdoor paths or hallways.

Another and potentially most important point is energy efficiency. LED strip lighting is extremely energy efficient, helping the planet while also decreasing your energy bill. LED strip lights emit more light per watt than most lights; and consume less energy. Additionally, LED strip lights have a longer life expectancy.

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