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Suppliers: Victoria + Albert Baths.

Luxury British bathing brand Victoria + Albert have released a new bath, the Taizu – coming to Australia this September; priced from $7,400. Minimal, yet opulent, this new bath is designed for relaxation; and is suitable for the most elaborate or simplest of bathroom renovations. Designed in collaboration with Hong Kong-based architect, interior and product designer Steve Leung, Taizu celebrates the refined features of Chinese culture with a contemporary flare. Named after the great Emperor Taizu, founder of the Song dynasty – a “golden era” in Chinese history, the contemporary lines of the new Victoria + Albert bath pay tribute to the sophistication of Song ceramics, revered for their elegant proportions and straightforward shapes. The spa-style tub, circular in shape, seamlessly blends into modern bathroom design and creates a statement centrepiece for any bathroom. This impressive 1500mm [600mm high] round bath commands a room with gently sloping sides and delicate exterior, with detailing that exudes luxury.

The Taizu is made from the brand’s proprietary material, QUARRYCAST™; a blend of Volcanic Limestone™ and high-performance resins that is naturally white, strong and easy to clean. Taizu is easily customisable to suit a variety of spaces and features a void space underneath the bath, easing installation on solid floors and making it easy for home renovators and designers to add a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The bath can be personalised in Victoria + Albert’s six standard exterior paint finishes, or the brand’s new palette of 194 RAL Colours in gloss or matte finishes.

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