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Australian electrical company HPM has collaborated with its parent company Legrand, to develop a collection of smart switches and sockets that makes home automation simple and affordable for home renovators. Arteor with Netatmo allows you to control lights, small appliances, blinds and shutters; monitor energy consumption; and create tailored scenarios using a smart device, or voice commands via digital assistants such as Google Home, Apple’s Siri and Amazon Alexa. Harnessing the power of Zigbee technology, each Arteor with Netatmo switch and socket communicates individually extending its overall range. Unaffected by the home’s Wi-Fi signal, the system is responsive and allows for up to 100 individual switches and sockets to be connected at the one time. Installation is also simple as the system uses standard wiring without the need for extra relays or programming. You can then take complete control of your home from your Smart Device utilising the Home+Control App available for iOS and Android. Functionality includes:

  • Energy Management. Monitor your home’s energy consumption in real-time. This provides you with complete control, helping you achieve greater energy efficiency.
  • Scenarios. Create tailored scenarios to automate processes such as “wake up”; activating lights; opening shutters; and turning on appliances.
  • Control Small Appliances. Activating the kettle; switching on the washing machine; or closing the shutters can all be done remotely.
  • Alerts. Receive alerts in the event of a power failure or if an appliance or lights are active for an extended period of time.

Arteor with Netatmo requires the installation of a starter kit that includes a “gateway” to establish the home network. This kit also includes a Smart Light Switch, Smart PowerPoint and a Wireless Master Switch to conveniently control connected devices such as lights when leaving/arriving home. The collection also features Wireless Switches allowing you to create multi-way switching without the need for additional wiring. It’s available from leading hardware stores nationally.

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