Categories: Cabinetry, Hardware, and Living Areas.
Suppliers: Hettich.

The SlideLine M sliding door fitting from Hettich is a system with many applications. Merging into the background, it doesn’t interfere with the design of cabinetry or furniture; and provides an elegant look. As a 1-track overlay option, SlideLine M offers flexibility in kitchen cabinetry and household storage units: doors that slide back and forth can produce an interesting interplay between open and closed segments. Projecting just 8 mm, the profile keeps sliding doors close to the carcase, guaranteeing minimal gaps at either side. Two doors can cross each other within just one profile. Various sets in profile heights of 16, 18 and 25mm provide close-hugging solutions. Furniture can be closed off completely with SlideLine M in the 2-track inset version. For kitchen wall units or children’s bedroom furniture, 2- or 3-door units can be created with ease. The runner and guide profiles can be installed on various carcase-materials as they can be screwed-on, stuck-on or groove-mounted. The Hettich Silent System is discreetly integrated on the running component to move doors quietly. Where several sliding doors run in one profile, Soft Colliding slows them down as they move towards each other. SlideLine M is suitable for all common furniture designs and cabinetry-doors made of wood, glass or aluminium weighing up to 30kg.

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