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Storing physical building records can become a burden but StrataVault, an online platform that offers secure storage and organisation of documents, can help strata managers save time and money. The platform makes it easier for strata managers to capture information and house it in a safe and secure environment. Here are five ways storing building records in a secure online platform can be beneficial:

  • Reduce paper stockpiles; save on paying for storage. Some strata managers hire space to store building documents which can be very expensive each month. Some businesses have boxes of building documents that are piled to the ceiling. By creating digital versions of these documents and housing them on a platform such as StrataVault, managers can save space and money while reducing their reliance on paper documents.
  • Reduce costs and time when building issues arise. By storing building records on a platform that houses information in an organised and easy-to-access manner, different stakeholders can view information that relates to a specific building issue and resolve it promptly. It enables strata managers, developers and building owners to combine all documents and communication in one place, accessible to all relevant stakeholders in just a few clicks. The platform can act as the one reliable source of accurate documents, allowing you to save time and costs associated with having to access records through other avenues such as the local council.
  • Create a more efficient business process. A platform like StrataVault allows strata managers to have a more efficient process when it comes to storing and managing documents. All documents are organised and filed with tags for each aspect of the building such as: contracts; accounts; maintenance; and plans. It also integrates with current software platforms, email and calendar. A drag-and-drop uploading and permissible access points tailored to the different needs of strata managers, owners/occupiers, developers and other relevant service providers makes it easier and more efficient to manage files.
  • Develop a clean trail of historical information. Even though legislation requires building documents be retained for 7 years, documents that go beyond that time-frame can be housed online. Keeping a transparent, secure and easily accessible historical trail of information is vital to reducing future pain-points. It is also useful when strata managers take on a new building as the platform keeps a clean trail of historical information and recent communication, giving them a full view of the property they will be managing going forward.
  • Have peace of mind that information is secure once and for all. StrataVault ensures that their software fits with all other strata management software and office processes. There are no longer minute books; boxes; or digital dumps of information. The information needs to be uploaded once only no matter who manages or lives in the building, enabling a uniform experience for managers and owners. StrataVault not only houses building records but security checks on the platform are performed daily, giving you peace of mind that your documents are stored safely. The platform is monitored 24/7.

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