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Depending on the size of your project, the average wastage when using any decking material is 15 to 20%. This may come as a shock to some who have spent a significant amount of money on their deck and aren’t utilising the whole amount of the product. Like most decks, DECO’s Australian aluminium decking system once required a joist to join two pieces of deck together. If the spacing between each joist was 600mm, it was conceivable that 500mm or 13% of each length was wasted. Depending on the size and configuration of the deck, there could be even more. To address this matter, DECO recently developed a solution to reduce wastage in their DecoDeck product. The DecoDeck joiner is a piece of aluminium designed to join two pieces of DecoDeck anywhere, including between joists, to achieve almost 100% material utilisation, which is equivalent to a 15 to 20% saving. This clever product from DECO is available for a small cost when ordering a DecoDeck. Moreover, according to DECO, composites and timber decks require 450mm centre joists; whereas a DecoDeck requires 600mm centre joists, resulting in a cost saving on the subfloor.

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