Categories: Bathroom Accessories.
Suppliers: Oliver Thom.

Handcrafted pieces often bring a special feeling into a bathroom; yet it can be hard to find the balance between accessories that have a personal feel and accessories that simply look homemade. Tina Frey’s Water Bath collection has struck an ideal balance of understated elegance with a handmade edge that makes each item feel personal. Available from Oliver Thom, Tina Frey’s Water Bath collection will enhance any bathroom renovation. Featuring a bin, soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tissue box, lidded box and two different sized trays, the collection has everything for elegant bathroom design. All produced in white resin, this range features leather handles that mesh with the slightly imperfect moulding of each item to create pieces that embody elegance. Tina Frey works almost exclusively in resin with each piece being handmade, hand-cast and hand finished. With a universally organic aesthetic, Tina Frey’s sculptures each piece with simplicity and function at the forefront of the design. Prices:

  • Water Bath Waste Bin – $690.
  • Water Bath Tumbler – $103.
  • Water Bath Vanity Tray – $294.
  • Water Bath Guest Towel Tray – $238.
  • Water Bath Soap Dish – $142.
  • Water Bath Lidded Box – $229.
  • Water Bath Soap Dispenser- $285.
  • Water Bath Tissue Box- $285.

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