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Combining the beauty of natural slate with all the benefits of modern day technology, the Barrington™ Series offers a fully designed, premium roofing system for all styles of homes across Australia. Manufactured in Australia by Composite Materials Engineering the Barrington™ Series is made from a lightweight structural material used in the automotive industry, which is now re-shaping roofing to a give a modern, streamlined natural slate look. The Barrington Series requires minimal maintenance. They are strong enough so each tile can hold up to 120kg in weight, allowing roof maintenance Tradies to walk on them [whenever required]. Featuring an interlocking design and moulded water channels, which ensures they won’t leak or distort when correctly installed, the Barrington Series has excellent weatherproof characteristics including fire, hail and UV resistance making them suitable for all climates and conditions. The Barrington slate tiles and the Barrington shingles are manufactured from Tobex, a high-strength, lightweight structural composite that has been tested by the CSIRO to the Australian Building Standards AS 4046–1992. The CSIRO also conducted extensive environment and performance testing on the tile which is supported by their CSIRO Technical Assessment 279. Both the slate tile and the shingle create the attractive flat, streamlined look that is so desirable for today’s modern and classically designed homes. The Barrington Series has been approved as an alternative to slate by heritage architects and has been installed in heritage listed areas.

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