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Dekton® Slim is an innovative range of surfaces with an ultra-fine profile. At just 4mm thick, Dekton® Slim has a sleek, minimalist design for cladding, furniture, door panels and more. Cosentino developed Dekton® Slim in response to demand for a thinner, lighter material. The reduced thickness and weight [10 kg/m2] makes it an ideal choice for projects that require high performance yet lightweight materials; and this new format is even more manageable to transport, cut and install. Dekton® Slim debuts in nine colours from various Dekton® collections and will gradually increase to include a variety of special edition colours. These will vary from marble to concrete-inspired surfaces, providing the opportunity to create cladding, furniture and joinery for a range of styles and settings.

Dekton® Natural Collection emulates the elegance and beauty of natural stone with a faithful reproduction of the veining formed by geological processes. Kelya offers a dark shade, presenting like black marble with soft veins; Opera is inspired by elegant Carrara marble; while Kovic is inspired by natural stone with veins in clear grey over a neutral background.

Dekton® Sasea takes its cues from elegant Caliza Sahel limestone, with greyish-cream tones and a calm but detailed design; Sirocco is a soft grey coloured sintered material that recreates the natural look of limestone and marble; and Nayla is a matte white surface with grain, but without spots, stripes, colours or veins.

Dekton® Industrial Collection is ideal for modern, contemporary and industrial-style settings. Inspired by classic concrete flooring, Kreta has a calm appearance with a uniform and restrained design and a background that smoothly blends dark and light grey. Sirius from the Dekton® Solid Collection provides a strong, simple surface with a solid black, leather-like finish. To complement the patinated colours of the Industrial and Natural collections Dekton® Zenith from the Solid Collection offers a homogenous matte white finish ideal for minimal and modern designs.

Images provided by Dekton® Slim ultra-thin surface by Cosentino.

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