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If you want to make a strong style statement, achieve long lasting low-key liveability, or something in-between, the 2019 PGH Bricks Style Guide goes beyond inspirational imagery to provide practical knowledge and tools that allow you to feel confident in your choices. It includes other key finishes from roof and wall options to timber trims and even garage door colours from other CSR brands. New to the PGH Bricks Styles Guide this year is inspiration and information on how home renovators can not only use bricks outside, but how they can bring this beautiful and creative material indoors. For each of the nine palettes, there are 36 different state-based schemes; mood boards that have been tailored specifically to each state and their various environmental conditions from coastal or rural living to inner city dwellings.

  1. Sophisticated Neutrals. A combination of elegant, neutral shades such as stone grey, beiges, cool concrete greys and crisp or off-whites, Sophisticated Neutrals is popular with those looking for an understated yet sophisticated feel.
  2. Grey All The Way. Simple and elegant, this is the go-to palette for beautiful and discerning homes with long term chic appeal.
  3. Dark & Stormy. Bringing together a vast spectrum of dusky, moody shades such as smoke, black, espresso and midnight blue, this palette is ideal for those wanting to make a statement.
  4. Industrial Chic. With its combination of authentic age-old materials and statement making metals, Industrial Chic is raw, gritty and modern. It’s the ultimate style for showcasing brick’s beauty indoors.
  5. Coastal Hamptons. Taking its style cues from a classic American trend that blends coastal village aesthetic with modern elegance, this style is all about conveying a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere wherever the home is located.
  6. Fresh Naturals. The go-to trend for those wanting to bring the calming effect of nature indoors. Realised through shades of green, soft browns, sand and bronze, this is a fresh, gentle, organic palette, ideal for those craving a daily connection with the natural environment.
  7. Warm Earth. This is a deeply coloured, earthy palette characterised by an abundance of spice notes, flattering pinks, clays and reds. It builds on the growing appreciation for classic red and brown bricks.
  8. Luxury Noir. A style statement that embraces luxury, opulence and glamour, Luxury Noir can either be dark and dramatic using a palette of rich blacks and brass; or chic and sophisticated with the introduction of creams and gold.
  9. Painted Brick. This trend offers infinite design possibilities, combining all the benefits of natural brickwork with unlimited colour options. Painted Brick is often associated with mid-century style, post-industrial spaces or cool New York City lofts.

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