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Suppliers: Beaumont Tiles.

Beaumont Tiles’ Eloquence range of large format tiles is part of their extensive collection of emulation marble tiles. This range is ideal for home renovators looking to embrace classic traditional or country chic trends, right through to coastal, retro vintage, electric bohemian or global fusion looks. The range is driven by its retake on the classic marble look and confidently creates an air of opulence in any space throughout the home, including fireplaces, feature floors and walls, bedheads and table inlays by simply being there. Embodying the look of grand-style stone, Eloquence is a sophisticated and dynamic range that creates a divine medley of movement within each piece through its detailed veins and etchings. Coming in three styles with soft textures, Eloquence’s luxurious, raw stone quality and composition perfectly positions this tile to reflect emerging style narratives, lending itself for a multitude of home renovating projects. The marble look is a favoured option for enhancing any home. It speaks luxury and elegance. The Eloquence range invites you to experiment with different textures and imperfections in ways that challenge current styling trends. This range has an innate ability to make a big statement in any sized space and play the part for both heavy bold and sleek lined fixture pairings.

Size and Finish:

Marble White Gloss 900x300mm priced from $75.65/m2

Marble Chevron White Gloss 900x300mm priced from $59.90/m2

Marble Soft Polished 1200x600m priced from $54.65/m2


Expert commentary by Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer.

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