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Tectonic plate motion is one of Earth’s most enigmatic natural processes, beginning over three billion years ago — the inspiration behind Tectonic Accessories. Designed by Rogerseller, the Tectonic Accessories collection comprises a series of floating plates that can be positioned in various planes and axis to each other, representative of the floating plates that make up the Earth’s surface and their dynamic relationships to each other – divergent, convergent and transformation. The linear design is carried through the range, providing a bold signature design aesthetic to the collection, which is available in a selection of Rogerseller’s Natural Elements finishes. The collection features multiple length towel rails and shelves [with the option of custom tile inserts]; a combination shelf and towel rail; angled and straight robe hooks; double or single toilet paper holders with shelves; and a vertical heated towel rail that provides improved heating efficiency. Each rail, shelf and robe hook is of equal height, allowing installation as a continuous linear feature wrapping around the bathroom.

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