Categories: Vanities & Basins.
Suppliers: Beaumont Tiles.

The Allure Basin comes in six playful shades; and is ideal for bathroom renovators looking to embrace any trend from classic traditional, right through to eclectic bohemian, retro vintage, costal chic or global fusion. The latest addition to Beaumont Tiles’ extensive bathroomware offering, this whimsical basin range provides home renovators with a gorgeous and diverse palette of pastel colours which speaks to the celebration of colour in a way that is playful and confident yet refined. The Allure range is a nod to the emergent trend of pastel shade bathroomware – a styling decision that we’ve seen grow in popularity in dress circle home renovation projects both locally and overseas. This simply styled yet sophisticated basin in any selected shade can embellish several style narratives depending on its pairing or positioning within the space; and is set to become a must watch style range for Spring 2019 interiors styling.

Coloured basins are the path less travelled when it comes to spicing up a bathroom; most people opt for a vibrant wall or statement tiles. The Allure range lets you experiment with colour in ways far beyond the ordinary. When playing with colourful hues in the range, let the basin be the focal point with all other features being complementary. Beaumont’s go-to combination for Spring 2019 is their Timberline Victoria Vanity paired with their United White Satin tile laid in a vertical stack on the walls; followed by Alpine Grigio on the floor with complementing grout. This combination creates a gorgeously delicate canvas to hero the Allure Basin in blue. The Allure Basin works best on rectangular vanities, with its rounded figure ensuring you get the most out of your space; and giving you that extra room to style with your favourite bathroom essentials – like a candle or a mini potted plant.

Size and Finish: 360 x 360 x 120mm, Matt finish

Colours: Blue; Black; Grey; Mint; Pink; White.

Expert commentary by Christie Wood, Beaumont Tiles Strategic Designer.

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