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With a wide variety of home security products available, it can be difficult to identify which are best suited to the type and size of home. Here, Uniden provides insight into which home security product is best for different requirements.

WIRE-FREE CAMERA. A wire-free security camera is flexible and easy to install. It’s completely wire-free and includes a rechargeable battery. This means the camera doesn’t require any cables or access to a power source, allowing the camera to be placed inside or outside the home, almost anywhere. A wire-free solution is ideal for anyone living in a rental property, apartment or a smaller dwelling where permanent fixtures are not permitted or possible. Uniden’s App Cam Solo+ includes rechargeable batteries and an optional solar power connection for an uninterrupted power supply. Thermo Sense Technology enables reliable motion detection notifications delivered via the free-to-download Uniden app. The App Cam Solo+ is also compatible with Google Assistant allowing you to view footage using voice control via a smart TV or smart device. Large properties with long driveways, guest houses, parked caravans, agricultural equipment or livestock can benefit from a wire-free camera using 4G SIM based connectivity. A 4G wire-free camera doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi connection and is a good option for keeping watch anywhere around a property, extending your home security system. The Uniden App Cam Solo 4G includes a solar panel for uninterrupted power supply, ready to place anywhere a Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach.

WI-FI CAMERA. Security conscious property owners seeking a powered camera solution can install a single camera using the main power supply, while still using the home Wi-Fi network to view footage remotely via an app. A spotlight camera such as the Uniden Guardian App Cam XLIGHT delivers a spotlight and camera in one. This is important for properties with poor visibility from the street, especially when arriving home during the evening. The spotlight also acts as an additional deterrent, turning on when heat motion is detected; while sending a notification to the user to ensure any incidents can be visually verified and acted upon immediately. For those wanting to integrate their security into a smart home set up, the Uniden Guardian App Cam XLIGHT is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

WIRED CAMERA. A fully wired surveillance system is ideal for those seeking a more advanced home security solution. It requires professional installation to ensure cables are connected correctly for power, internet connection and video transmission. A wired surveillance system is best suited to larger properties and permanent homeowners. For those in the process of renovating, planning and installing a wired security solution during the build can assist with keeping overall costs down and ensures cameras are placed correctly with minimal disruption to existing wiring. Footage is captured and saved to a DVR unit, providing large amounts of storage, without losing the real-time remote access capability via a smart phone or tablet. The Uniden Guardian GXVR 55840 wired camera solution features the latest technology, like AI functionality including face recognition, intrusion detection, smart IR night vision and trip wire functionality. The system works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to view cameras via a smart TV using voice control.


  • Uniden App Cam Solo+ single $279.95
  • Uniden App Cam Solo 4G Solar Panel Kit $$649.95
  • Uniden Guardian App Cam XLIGHT $199.95
  • Uniden Guardian GXVR 55840 $999.95

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