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Suppliers: Paco Jaanson.

Gone are the days where a stark white bathroom is seen as chic, as we are now adding colour and personality to make it a warmer and more personal space. The BOLD collection by IB Rubinette, available at Paco Jaanson, is an ideal option for any bathroom renovation screaming out for an industrial finish. The BOLD collection features easy-grip wheel taps and angled spout, a modern look that definitely lends itself to the industrial style. Created by Italian Designers Federico Castelli and Antonio Gardoni, the range is a call to arms to be bold in the bathroom which is perfect for current design trends. The design focuses on robustness, essentiality and functionality, meaning it will stand the test of time in terms of design and use. Although the range has a functional focus the variety of finishes available in materials such as copper, rose-gold and black chrome, give the collection a luxe look. IB Rubinette’s BOLD collection is the perfect showcase of the company’s contemporary Italian craftsmanship and high-level design. Priced from $600.

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