Categories: Verandahs & Decks.
Suppliers: Green Specifier.

The UDECX from Green Specifier is an innovative modular and transportable outdoors flooring and decking system that is ultra-low maintenance with practically unlimited configuration and commercial application possibilities. The UDECX surface comprises standardised one-metre square pads, which are placed on top of piers and locked into place with a simple hand tool. Shims and risers enable the system to be levelled on uneven terrain. The surface pads are made of composite material to ensure strength and durability and feature a non-slip synthetic woodgrain texture. The pads support 500kg per square metre. UDECX offers a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty; the product is 100% made in the USA; and many of the components are made from recycled materials. The starter kit comprises 9 surface pads. When assembled it measures 3m X 3m. You simply place the UDECX support piers into position using a UDECX-provided template; place the pads on the piers; and secure the pads onto the piers with cam locks using the UDECX hand tool. Beyond the hand tool, a shovel, level and hammer are all that may be needed. With no need for a Tradie it sets up in around 2.5 hours.

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