Categories: Home Automation and Internal lighting.
Suppliers: Nanoleaf.

The Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit is a smart, modular lighting system that syncs to music in real-time. The Smarter Kit is made up of LED light squares. Each Smarter Kit comes with 8 light squares, 1 control square, 1 power supply, 9 linkers, stencil paper and mounting tape. Retail price is $199.99 USD. Expansion Packs come with 4 light squares, 4 linkers and mounting tape. Retail price is $79.99 USD. The Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit and Expansion Packs retail at the Apple Store and JB HI FI.

Nanoleaf’s new HomeKit “Touch Actions” upgrades your Canvas light squares into smart buttons for your entire home. With a single press on a square you can activate HomeKit Scenes to control any or all of your HomeKit products. With Touch Actions, a single press can transform your entire space: set your Canvas lights to an energetic Rhythm Scene that dances along to your favourite song; or dim the rest of the lights in your home for the perfect ambience.

With HomeKit-enabled smart plugs, you can even include non-connected devices in your smart home controls. Each Canvas square can be customized for a different occasion, activity or time of day. The square that’s closest to you as you walk into the kitchen each morning? Set that as your “Good Morning” square to turn on your kettle, turn on the lights and turn down your thermostat to save energy while you’re out of the house. You get to decide which square does exactly what.

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