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ASKO recently launched a range of black ovens that are available at e&s. The products are a great inclusion in any kitchen renovation, offering exceptional performance and superior design. ASKO’s black ovens offer an ideal combination of state-of-the-art technology, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The range includes traditional, steam and microwave ovens, and is complemented by a warming drawer in the same finish. The products are available in two widths, with an option to suit every design brief. The ovens draw on the brand’s Scandinavian heritage, delivering a design that reflects refinement and down-to-earth appeal at the same time. ASKO’s black ovens can seamlessly bridge different zones within a home, thanks to their versatile, monochrome appearance that complements varied interior styles. They integrate beautifully in open floor plans where there are high demands for aesthetic appeal and perfect integration. To achieve a minimalist look, the models can be placed against white cabinetry, bringing contrast and depth. They evoke a sense of luxury when paired with rich, darker hues such as burgundy or forest green, or the golden hues of polished timber. By reflecting light, the appliances also create the allusion of space and depth, immediately making areas appearing larger than they are, while tying in darker features from other spaces to make the entire area cohesive.

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