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Aqua Fingers® was recently invented by a stay-at-home mum; and offers an improved option for cleaning pools. Pool product manufacturer Waterco took up the idea to release this innovative and highly effective swimming pool broom engineered specifically for smooth surface pools. Manufactured by Waterco, the Aqua Fingers® Multi-purpose Microfibre Broom makes pool-maintenance quicker and easier. Engineered for service professionals and available to pool owners who are looking for quality equipment built to last, Aqua Fingers® features a high-density microfibre attachment that gently removes dirt and algae. The multi-purpose design comprises a flexible body and curved underbelly, which ensures no nooks or crannies are missed. This provides more angles of operation, making it quicker and easier to clean smooth surfaces. Aqua Fingers® is made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate [EVA] that enables you to clean hard-to-reach places.

Special features of Waterco’s Aqua Fingers® Multi-purpose Microfibre Broom:

• Made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate [EVA], which makes it easier to clean curved corners, ridges, crevices and steps.

• Premium microfibre chenille attachment is gentle on smooth surfaces.

• Ideal for cleaning fibreglass, tiled and vinyl lined pools.

• Suitable for cleaning glass fences, windows, pool covers and pool coping.

• Replacement chenille attachment available.

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