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Designing a teenager’s bedroom is no easy feat – by this age, they have developed their own sense of style and need a room that multitasks as a sleep, study and entertaining space. Colour is your first step. It’s the quickest and easiest way to breathe life into a room and will give you the foundation for a space your teen will love. The starting point for this makeover was a playful, modern artwork in a riot of blue, orange, yellow and black. It was hung above the desk to create a focal point; and the colours used to inform the rest of the scheme. A bedroom needs to work for quiet times too, so a soft shade was chosen for the feature wall – Dulux Wash&Wear in Apricot Fool; and the adjoining walls and trims kept in the previously painted Dulux Wash&Wear Lexicon® Quarter for contrast. Brighter colours were then introduced through smaller accents in the bedding, accessories and furniture.

Redecorating a child’s room can be expensive. Keep the budget in check by upcycling existing pieces where you can. It takes only a few minutes to repaint old furniture and accessories in a fresh colour. The top of the timber desk was refreshed with Dulux Aquanamel in Italian Clay; the drawer in Red Clown; a section of the surfboard with Dulux Wash&Wear in Mitchell Blue; and the top of the bedside table with Dulux Aquanamel in Mondrian Blue, all of which provide pops of colour in the new scheme. Funky, retro-patterned bedding was introduced with a dramatic denim bedhead to frame the bed. Mismatched bedding is all the rage right now – and works brilliantly with this playful look – so the bed was laid with sheets in contrasting colours and piled high with cushions in different colours, shapes and textures. This gave it a lounge-like feel.

You could add a rug to anchor the scheme and provide softness underfoot. It should be big enough to connect with one or two pieces of furniture in the room; but not so small that it gets lost in the space. Look for a style that picks up on the key colours in the scheme. And consider including greenery: a beautiful trailing plant; or two on the desk or shelves will bring nature into the room and freshen the air.


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