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From the street, the front door is what defines your home design. It’s a first impression to neighbours and friends alike; and sets the tone for the interior style. It’s also one of the easily improved and potentially creative spaces in your façade.

Pivot Your Opinion on Size. Think big to take your home from bland to grand. While the standard 820mm wide x 2040mm tall hinged entrance door remains an enduring option, oversized front door designs [available up to 1200mm wide] provide a modern architectural update. A change of dimensions can make your door the standout feature of your façade, as well as help make your interior entrance feel more spacious. Unlike traditional hinged jambs which carry the weight from the side, a pivot door system supports the extra weight of the door at the top and bottom also providing a smooth and secure opening.

Let The Light In. Doors incorporating glass panels and matching sidelights are a great choice if you are after a change in perception. They open up both exterior and interior sight lines, and instantly increase your home’s natural lighting. Corinthian Doors’ Sunburst collection is a combination of rich Merbau and glass, making a profound statement with its eye-catching patterns. Vertical glass panels, such as those available on Corinthian’s Blonde Oak AWOWS 5VG, give an even greater illusion of height and grandiose. For the benefits of privacy, lighting and aesthetics, Corinthian offers a wide range of glazing options, including clear, translucent, textured and decorative.

Material Matters. It’s important to choose a door material that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical. For those building or renovating their home in bushfire prone areas, a BAL rated door that meets government standards is a must. Depending on where you live, opt for a BAL12.5 or BAL40 rated door for peace of mind. For hot and humid areas, timber such as Merbau is the ideal material choice. Durable with a low shrinkage and expansion rate, Merbau also retains its natural colour longer than other timbers. Look to entrance doors with a primed door skin which creates a smooth surface for painting; while timber and veneer skin is best stained. For a contemporary look consider combinations of timber, metal and glass such as Corinthian Doors’ Lumina design.

A Blank Canvas. A striking entry door design can be used to introduce the central themes of your design story: from bright and beautiful; to organic and refined. If you want to create a bold “pop” of colour, a primed door design can provide a beautifully smooth surface for painting. If the warmth of a timber door is more your style, forego opaque paint and use a natural stain to enhance the door’s features and natural beauty. Made from sustainable timber Corinthian’s Blonde Oak entrance door range features a light American White Oak veneer which opens up a world of design possibilities; and creates an ideal canvas for a spectrum of colours, from honey hues through to the heaviest of ebonies.

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