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A recent study conducted by PerfectRoom revealed that when a real estate agent asked buyers to visualise the end result of home renovation work, 82% could not picture what these changes would look like once completed, creating buyer hesitation for properties requiring renovating. Designed to remove buyer hesitancy, PerfectRoom provides a photo-realistic virtual-renovation to show buyers what home improvements could look like, allowing you to sell the true potential in your home. Here are PerfectRoom’s tips on how to maximise the value of your home.

  • Paint the front door. Considering it can take only eight seconds to make a positive first impression, curb appeal should not be underestimated as it sets the tone before the buyer has even walked in the front door. While adding too much personality is never recommended, a single pop of colour on the door seems to be well received by buyers. Additionally, consider planting extra greenery or even flowering plants for a pop of colour.
  • Open up closed spaces. Modern living translates directly to open plan, where the kitchen, dining and living space all integrate beautifully. Open plan living is desirable for buyers and while most new homes have adopted this style, older homes often have closed off rooms. Opening them up can make a big difference.
  • Upgrade benchtops and cabinetry. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. A major reason for this is that other areas in the home can easily be re-decorated whereas the kitchen and bathroom is much harder to modernise. Upgrading the benchtop; painting the cabinets; spraying the tiles a neutral white; or updating the hardware [handles, taps, showerheads and towel rails] can make a big difference.
  • Spruce up the backyard. If you have the time and budget, think about having the area planned out professionally so that there is a harmonious mix of entertaining and relaxing spaces. High end upgrades include an alfresco kitchen, mature plants and using quality materials. Low maintenance gardens are also more in demand so consider where decking or pavers could reduce the amount of mowing required.
  • Declutter and remove all personal possessions. Booking an appointment with a design consultant to advise on what to keep and what to store can provide the guidance needed. Or you can hire a home styling company to bring in furniture and decorative pieces for a complete design overhaul.
  • Increase your square footage. Adding to the square metres of any home, as long as it’s highly functional, should add a substantial amount of value to your home. Consider whether you can convert the roof space into a guest bedroom, office or extra storage space.
  • Walk through with a real estate agent. Much like styling, inviting a local real estate agent into your home can help to define exactly what will and won’t add enough value to make it worth doing.

If you don’t have the time or budget to make the required changes, PerfectRoom provides a photo-realistic virtual renovation to show buyers what these improvements could look like at $299 per room. This allows you to sell the true potential in your home and includes removing walls; renovating the kitchen; landscaping the backyard; extending your home; and even overhauling the façade to provide curb appeal.

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