Elegant ceramics: the Mizu Collection

Designed by renowned Italian design agency Emo Design, Mizu aims to reimagine the original architecture of the basin to create a bathroom feature that lends itself to design as well as function.

Corian® solid surface for a renovated bathroom

Corian® Solid Surface was the preferred fit for this project due to its seamless finish and elegant form. Functionality and resistance were a key concern of the clients so this selection created an immediate solution through its ease of maintenance.

Collection of rails, shelves and hooks for the bathroom

Designed by Rogerseller, the Tectonic Accessories collection comprises a series of floating plates that can be positioned in various planes and axis to each other, representative of the floating plates that make up the Earth’s surface and their dynamic relationships to each other – divergent, convergent and transformation.

Luxury baths with a handcrafted touch

Apasier creates handcrafted basins and baths to turn any bathroom renovation into a luxury oasis. Each product in the range is made with Apaiser's signature material apasierMARBLE.

Colourful basins ideal for bathroom renovations

The Allure Basin comes in six playful shades; and is ideal for bathroom renovators looking to embrace any trend from classic traditional, right through to eclectic bohemian, retro vintage, costal chic or global fusion.

20th century design tapware revisited and upgraded

The Agape Memory Collection has recently launched at Artedomus. Inspired by classic twentieth-century design, the Memory Collection is a nod to the atmosphere and elegance of traditional bathrooms, interpreted in a contemporary manner.