Robotic lawnmower

Taking the hassle out of mowing the lawn with cutting edge technology, the WORX Landroid Robotic Mower will give you a manicured lawn without the manual work.

Sydney mum invents innovative microfibre pool broom

Aqua Fingers® was recently invented by a stay-at-home mum; and offers an improved option for cleaning pools. Pool product manufacturer Waterco took up the idea to release this innovative and highly effective swimming pool broom engineered specifically for smooth surface pools.

A solution to stop wastage in decking

The DecoDeck joiner is a piece of aluminium designed to join two pieces of DecoDeck anywhere, including between joists, to achieve almost 100% material utilisation, which is equivalent to a 15 to 20% saving.

Lightweight flooring and walling materials

MaxiFloor and TecBeam can provide an affordable alternative to traditional concrete and steel buildings and offers builders and home renovators the option and flexibility to explore lightweight construction as a real alternative to concrete slab floors without compromising any performance criteria.