Letterboxes for the 21st century

Northcote Pottery has released several innovative letterboxes designed to improve both your exterior aesthetic and serve your online shopping experience, with features creatively incorporated to accommodate larger package deliveries.

Repainting the front fence with Dulux Paints

Fences can be easily forgotten during a home renovation, but can make a big impact on street appeal. When repainting choose a colour that is either the same or complementary with your house’s trim to give it a cohesive look and feel, such as Dulux® Dieskau or Oolong.

Graffiti removal

Safe, effective and economical, Eco Concepts® Graffiti Remover ticks all of the boxes when it comes to graffiti removal.

Retaining wall system

The wet-cast, hollow block MagnumStone retaining wall system from Austral Masonry has been developed with the engineer and installer in mind