Scyon™ wall panels offer an alternative to brick

There is a preference for building products that help create architectural design motifs: modern looks require more design variation using modern materials, such as James Hardie’s range of Premium Fibre Cement Cladding, including the large panel format of Matrix Cladding, or the vertical lines of Axon Cladding.

Fruit, vegetable and herb planting when you are lacking space

If there’s one thing that has no limits it’s space to grow food. As long as you have sun you have an opportunity to grow food. Even a windowsill, patio, outdoors wall or space for hanging pots, with enough light, will provide an opportunity to grow something you would normally buy.

Survey shows what Australians are growing in autumn

A recent survey by garden and housewares brand HomeLeisure® shows that one-in-two Australians are growing vegetables in autumn. The cooler weather in autumn makes it an ideal time for planting certain vegies and herbs.

A range of 12 backyard fire pits

New from Northcote Pottery’s Glow Outdoor Heating range is a collection of fire pit styles designed to work with various garden-styles, backyards and courtyards. The Glow range comprises 12 fire pits and an electric heater option.

Letterboxes for the 21st century

Northcote Pottery has released several innovative letterboxes designed to improve both your exterior aesthetic and serve your online shopping experience, with features creatively incorporated to accommodate larger package deliveries.

Home renovating ideas with brick and tile

The recent innovation of architects and designers in their creative use of brick and tile, submitted for the 2019 Think Brick Award, has seen a resurgence of materials that have been long overlooked in the creation of contemporary builds and home renovation