Robert Selkirk bricks

The Robert Selkirk Collection celebrates the original values of his brick business established 130 years ago

Brickworks website

Australian building products company Brickworks Building Products has updated its website

Alternative concrete products

Hebel is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) manufactured from sand, cement, recycled material, lime, gypsum and aerating agents.

Metal-look bricks

With their new Urban Metal collection, PGH Bricks & Pavers’ latest product-development features bricks with fully glazed metallic finishes

Latest Hebel wall panels

CSR Hebel has launched their new PowerPanel XL for houses and low-rise residential external wall applications

Concrete kitchen

Hard lines and soft texture are the defining points for this kitchen in Sydney

Decorating with stone

An engineered stone-like cladding, Boral Cultured Stone® is well suited for interior designs, complementing materials such as brick, timber and glass.

New insulation system

Australian foil insulation manufacturer, Green Insulation, has developed a new system named CRIS (Commercial Residential Insulation System), a new concept of using aluminium bubble foil insulation made from reinforced foil laminate

Soft coloured bricks

The new Seascape glazed collection of soft, milky colours from PGH Bricks & Pavers is on-trend for the Hamptons look

Brick façade tiles

Brick Facades are back in fashion with the range of brick tiles available from Robertsons Building Products

Updated websites

Daniel Robertson Bricks: Brick and paving manufacturer Daniel Robertson has launched a new website