The latest front door trends

From the street, the front door is what defines your home design. It’s a first impression to neighbours and friends alike; and sets the tone for the interior style. It’s also one of the easily improved and potentially creative spaces in your façade.

Bi-Folding Doors

National door supplier KRGS Doors recently released their new Clearbreeze Bi-Folding Doors, which allow home renovators and interior decorators to include a little Hamptons-style into their home renovation.

Optimum placement of windows and doors

If at all possible orientate your living areas towards the north. Then add large windows to get the best natural light with the biggest amount of solar heat gain in winter and heat protection in summer. This will allow the sun in to warm up your home in winter for free.

Lightweight flooring and walling materials

MaxiFloor and TecBeam can provide an affordable alternative to traditional concrete and steel buildings and offers builders and home renovators the option and flexibility to explore lightweight construction as a real alternative to concrete slab floors without compromising any performance criteria.