How to refresh the garage door

A fresh coat of Hammerite Garage Door Paint [750ml priced at $34.75] can give your garage door a whole new lease of life and brighten the entire exterior of your home.

Bushland vista

A garage door and entry to a home located on Sydney Harbour were given a huge makeover

Automating tilt garage doors

The Tiltmaster from Merlin [Chamberlain Group], designed specifically for tilt-doors, enables manual garage doors to be transformed into remotely operated doors

Automating garage doors

Considering how much time it can save and how little it costs to automate, nearly half of Australian homeowners do not have an automatic garage door.

Garage door online design tool

Home-renovators, builders and designers can take the guesswork out of how various garage doors look when matched to a home's external facade with the help of a new virtual modelling tool